We support Special Pops with our pros and funds.
Serve and Return Foundation’s Mission statement - To SERVE communities and RETURN services to promote the game of tennis. Additionally, we strive to improve the quality of life for all ages and specific vulnerable groups, such as children and seniors through the promotion of one of the top sports for physical exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

100% of funds collected are directly used for the SRF mission.  The foundation is run by an all volunteers workforce. 
Rachel Hick and Justin Samples are two outstanding student athletes who both received $1500.00 of scholarship funds from the SRF for thier tennis training and travel expenses. 

The SRF donated over $1500. in blowers to a public tennis facility and a private christian school in the metro Atlanta area. 

In 2014-16 SRF and ATi have provided ATi pros who voulunteered intruction at weekly group lessons and special events and $500. to Special Pops
2017 Serve and Retun FDN dontated $500. to the World Children Center
The Serve and Return Foundation sponsored a "Free Play Day" in March 2015 and April 2016 for the Fair Oaks Community and sourrounding area.  ATi Coaches Terry Flynn, Susannah Cook, Laura Cunningham, Fair Oaks Tennis Center Manager Wayne Miller and ATi student Lindsey Riley help run the event in 2015.
Oct. 2016 SRF Event (80 players showed up and we raised $4200.00) 
The Serve and Return Foundation has a 501 c 3   Public Charity status 509 (a) (2)