ATi Tennis Academy Programs 
Fair Oaks Tennis Center, 1460 W. Booth Rd. Ext SW; Marietta, GA 30008

2016 -2017 Hours of Operation (Aug - May):  
Monday and Wednesday drills operate from 4pm to 6:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday drills operated from 4:30pm to 7pm
Friday (August 12 - October 28 Only) drills at Westminster operate from 4pm to 6pm

2017 Summer Schedule:
Monday & Tuesday from 6pm - 8:30pm & Thursday from 10AM to 12:30 PM (all levels and ages)
Tuesday & Wednesday - 10AM - 3PM (High school and College students HP group only)
Wednesday 4PM to 8PM (Middle school student's HP group only) 
The  Four (4) Drill Sessions During an Academy Year:
Fall Sesson begins around the first of August  (12 weeks)
Winter Session begins around the first of November  (12 weeks)
Spring Session begins around the first of February  (16 weeks)
Summer Session begins around the first of June (8 weeks)

Camps (see below for details)
May 22nd - 25th
May 30 & 31
June 21-23 in Callaway
Drill Options (August - May):  
Students may choose: 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs or 2.5 hrs of drills
Students may begin drills at 4pm, 4:30pm or 5pm on Monday and Wednesday
Students may begin drills at 4:30pm, 5pm or 5:30pm Tuesday and Thursday

Summer Session:  June 5, 2017 - July 28, 2017 (8 weeks - 3 drills per week - 22 scheduled drills)​  Mon. & Tue. 6PM to 8:30PM
Thr 10AM to 12:30PM
8 Drills
16 Drills
All available Drills

2.0 hours of drills
2.5 hours of drills

              Summer Drill Schedule

Monday 6PM to 8:30PM (open to all levels)
Tuesday (Elite HP - High school and college students only) 10AM to 3PM at Fair Oaks 
Tuesday 6PM to 8:30PM at Fair Oaks (open to all levels)
Wednesday (Elite HP - High school and college students only) 10AM to 3PM at Fair Oaks
Wednesday 4PM to 8PM (Elite HP - Middle school students only)
Thursday 10am to 12:30PM at Fair Oaks (open to all levels) 
Thursday 1:30PM to 3:30PM (Optional Match Play $10.00 for ATi students or $15. for non-ATi students)
Summer Elite High Performance Group  June 6 - July 27.

These drills are an additional drill option on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10AM to 3PM for HS and College students.  There will be 15 drill days scheduled. To be in the program each students will purchase a package of 12 drills.  If you can make more there is no extra charge.  

MS age students will have a HP group on Wednesday from 4PM to 8PM.  There will be 8 available drills but you purchase 6 drills.   There are 8 scheduled days and students can attend all 8 without extra charge.
We will have college players and playing pros to push the top juniors.  These programs cost is $860. for HS and college students and $475. for MS students.  All players accecpted into these programs are required to be enrolled in a miminum of 8 regular summer drills. 

If you are in middle school and want to do the HS HP you may do Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoon.  Cost for splitting the two groups in $820. plus a regular drill package.  

                         Summer Camp Schedule (Fill out registration form below for all Camps)
                                                  'Get ready for summer tournaments - team formated match play events'


Callaway Clay Court Camp 
Dates: June 22 - June 23 (2-day clay court training at Callaway Gardens and
the Columbus Tournament - June 24 - 27).  (Housing and included)
Leaving Fair Oaks at 12:45PM on Thursday
Option to do just the training camp and/or the Columbus Clay Court Tournament.
Pay at the end according to how many days they stay.

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ATi Tennis Academy Registration/Drill Allotment and Payment
Student's Name:
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Tennis Goals/Comments:
List Session - (Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer)
List # of drills: (Example: 8, 12, 16, 32, 48, 64 etc.)
List hours per drill: (1.5 hrs, 2 hrs or 2.5 hrs)
ATi Tennis Academy Registration

ATi Tennis Academy Payment​

ATi Academy Fee
Before being accepted in the academy you must
submit the Academy form on the left and pay
the Yearly Academy Fee above.

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2017 Summer Session Drills Options
​(January 30, 2017 - May 25, 2017)

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By submitting this form you accept the ATi Waiver of responsibility and ATi's policy
      ATi Waiver of Responsibility

Acceptance of my application into ATI’s Academy or participation in any ATI programming is without assumption of responsibility of any kind of Atlanta Tennis Inc., ATI-Tennis Academy or any of the directors, pros, assistants or facilities.  In consideration of the acceptance of my application, I do hereby for and on behalf of my heirs and legal representatives release and forever discharge the above stated and representatives and their successors and assigns, of and from any and all claims and demands of every kind, nature and character which I may hereafter acquire for any and all damages, losses, and injuries which may be suffered by the student/applicant/parent in connection with my activities during the period for which such permission is granted and any period traveling to or from academy activities and all such claims are hereby waived and released and I covenant not to sue therefore.
If you perfer to pay by check:
Make checks payable to:  ATi
Mailing address:
296 Nickajack Road SE
​Mableton, GA 30126
ATi Tennis Academy Policy
Yearly Academy Fee
Academy students are required to have a current academy membership.  This fee is $150. annually.  Memberships are effective from August to July.  Students who join the academy after Oct 1st will have their annual membership fee pro-rated at $15. per month.
New Students
New students must complete a :30 minute evaluation with an ATi professional.  The cost of the evaluation is $40. Top Players ranked top 50 in GA may exempt this evaluation.


ATi has four basic levels
Elite High Performance - Students in this group are required to drill a mimimun of three days a week and conditioning is considered as a day.  This level is for experienced players who have accomplished or are on track to develop the skills to compete at a college level.  
High Performance - This group is just younger or less experienced players and match the Elite High Performance criteria. 
Performance - These are students who have the skills to compete at middle or high school level.
Developemental - These are students who can rally consistently but need more skills such as spins, tactics, varitey of shots, technical and match experience.   
ATi provides a tremendous amount of make-up days on existing drill days since students are allow to attend on any drill day. Accordingly, we do not allow for carry over drills from one session to the next or provide additional make-up drills. 
Exception - Anyone suffering from a prolonged injury or illness will be granted an extension of time to have a reasonable opportunity to attend the number of purchased drills.

ATi requires coaching services at the state qualifer in Macon in June.  ATi does not allow training at other local tennis academies while training at ATi.  However, we will consider hardships such as logistics (about one hour or more travel time).  Private lesson coaching is allowed from local coaches based on need and should be approved by ATi.  ATi reserves the right to make exceptions based on each individual case.  
Drill selection should be made prior to the beginning of each session and fees are due NLT the first week.   We provide a discount for additional family member of 20% off drills when paid in advance.  You may add additional drills if you go over your allotment but only to packages of 20 or more drills and those rates are figured as a la carte pricing.